Outer Limits Фото

В телесериале как уже было указано нет единой сюжетной линии развития это сериал-антология Тем не менее есть ряд серий имеющих продолжение часто не только в других сериях но и в других сезонах Наиболее продолжительные из подобных историй: I can't wait to see this show in remastered form on Blu-ray and while we wait for that moment (Season 1 arrives later this year) prepare yourself with this guide to our favorite episodes "There is nothing wrong with your television set " Некоторые актёры принимали участие в съёмках как в классическом чёрно-белом так и в цветном телесериалах: Шестой сезон был выпущен 7 сентября 2010 года[36] Седьмой заключительный сезон выпущен 5 октября. Rod Serling creator and main writer of that other great 1960s anthology series The Twilight Zone once said (and I'm paraphrasing) that about a third of that show's roughly 150 episodes were "pretty damn good," while another third were "passable" and the rest were "dogs." The at its peak was one of the most unique shows on the small screen: Created by Leslie Stevens but produced during its superior first year by Joseph Stefano the show told sci-fi stories through a lens of Gothic horror using surreal imagery and stark even Expressionist cinematography to create an eerie mood and look When it worked -- as it did so well in the 15 episodes below -- it was like nothing TV viewers had seen before. Продолжение в одной из последующих серий имеют фильмы: Состояниеотпатрулирована Now that we've gotten the fantastic and long-overdue news that The is coming to Blu-ray it's time to pick our favorite episodes. The original The had a far shorter lifespan (just a season and a half from 1963 to 1965) and generated only 49 episodes but we used Serling's formula to pick a little less than the third of the series that we thought were -- well not just "pretty damn good," but perhaps some of the greatest sci-fi ever created for TV And while these may be the best a lot of the remaining 33 are terrific.