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Recent baseball gloves are designed very large to provide a maximum ball receiving area in order to facilitate catches. The gloves have as large an area as about five times that of a human hand. The large baseball glove, because of its large area, has the advantages of easy ball catching but tends to deprive the player of free and subtle hand movements when catching a ball. When the player bends his thumb and fingers inwardly for catching a ball, the inner surface or front ply of the glove bends to follow a bowl shape defined by the front faces of the thumb and fingers in combination. The ball hitting the front ply of the glove is guided by the bowl shape of the front ply to a position centrally of the player’s hand lying about the center of the front ply. However, when such a large glove is used by a woman or child having small hands or by a small-handed man, his or her thumb and fingers do not extend fully into the thumb and finger pieces of the glove but may even stop short of inlet portions of the thumb and finger pieces. When the small-handed player bends his thumb and fingers inwardly, it only results in his fingertips pushing the lining ply of the glove forwardly and causing a portion of the lining ply opposed to the palm of his hand to move away from his hand. Consequently, the portion of the lining ply opposed to the palm of the player’s hand cannot be inwardly moved closer to the hand than the fingertip positions are. It is therefore impossible to bend the entire inner surface of the glove into a bowl shape. In other words, the entire inner surface of the glove remains a near-flat surface in spite of the inward bending of the thumb and fingers of the player.

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Order by:. Available to:. Man Cave Art. Vintage George Brett signature glove.

Sure, different kids (and positions like catcher) need specific kinds of mitts, but the best youth baseball gloves are, above all else, forgiving.

Return to Vintage Glove Discussion. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 20 guests. Vintage Baseball Glove Forum A gathering place for colletors of vintage baseball gloves to discuss, buy, sell and trade Skip to content. Dating Rawlings tags? Anything related to gloves pre you can post here. It’s drop dead mint with only the stampings faded and i’m assuming the model is BOF. Thats what is stamped on the Rawlings box and the glove. The tag looks to be after the cloud patch was used.

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Jennifer Lopez showed plenty of style at the Houston Astros game, sitting one seat over from Alex Rodriguez, her working boyfriend. Photo by F. Carter Smith.

The Air Jordan 9 Baseball Glove comes constructed in a leather material with woven side panels to look like baseball gloves finished with 45 on the heels.

Visit the official website at MLB. Exton, PA Lot Number: Description: Fine Ted Williams autographed professional model glove with exceptional provenance c. Ted Williams and Wilbert Wiley grew up within a typical group of young boys that loved playing the game of baseball. The two young men would head down to the North Park Playground to play baseball almost on a daily basis in the San Diego area neighborhood where they lived.

We used to throw curveballs at one another when he’d get off his paper route with enough light to play. Curveballs, curveballs, and then I’d go out and throw him curveballs, curveballs. History now tells us that those endless sessions of curveballs served Ted Williams very well as he ascended quickly through the Minor League system and onto an iconic Hall of Fame career with the Boston Red Sox.

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Founded in , Rawlings currently specializes in baseball clothing and equipment , producing gloves , bats , balls , protective gear , batting helmets , uniforms , bags. Footwear includes sneakers , and sandals. The company also commercialise other accesories such as belts , wallets , and sunglasses.

It is an additional object of this invention to provide a baseball glove having a relatively As is usual in baseball gloves of the type disclosed, the thumb stall I 8 and the edge Publication number Priority date Publication date Assignee Title.

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In , there were million baseball and softball gloves sold in the they’ve used in gloves dating back to Mickey Mantle’s playing days.

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A useful tool for giving an approximate date to a baseball photograph is to look at the fashion and equipment of the player or players. The following is a brief summary of the changes in fashion and equipment of major teams, especially major league teams. Exceptions and variations are to be found, especially with pictures of informal players. A playground kid might have a slightly out of date glove.

A photograph might depict a lunch break team in their work clothes.

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A snippet of air time on national television that shows a player flashing some leather would make any glove company proud. In , there were 5. So the baseball glove industry is steady and still growing. Who would have thought that a glove would evolve from two pieces of leather designed to prevent injury into a multimillion dollar business?

The history of the baseball glove can be traced back to as early as , when players started to experiment with a glove as a form of protection, often of the brakeman type of glove used by railroad workers. Cincinnati Red Stockings catcher Doug Allison was one of the first players to wear a buckskin mitten in after suffering a hand injury, and St.

Louis’ Charles Waitt was the first confirmed player to don a glove in , although according to MLB official historian John Thorn, Waitt wore a flesh-colored glove in hopes of it going unnoticed. That was the thinking in the s. But as hand injuries continued to occur, that psyche changed, and by the s baseball gloves were the norm. Several glove experts, including Pittsburg-based Denny Esken, believes no one was credited for inventing the first baseball glove.

Decker actually had a patent for the “Decker Safety Catcher’s Mitt” in

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Method and system of a training aid to learn to catch. Patent number: Abstract: A method and system of a training aid to assist a user to learn to catch including a pair of gloves in which at least a portion of an outer surface of a trainee’s glove is attached to at least a portion of an inner surface of a trainer’s glove to allow the trainer to guide the trainee’s glove into proper positions used during catching.

Alternatively, a belt portion is attached around the thumb and pinky of the trainee’s glove and trainer’s glove to attach the gloves to one another. Type: Grant.

The disclosed invention consists in a baseball glove comprising a strap for receiving at least first to third fingers of a player. The strap is disposed at positions.

This invention relates to the field of baseball gloves, and more particularly, to baseball catcher’s mitts that are designed to facilitate better control and ease of use by the catcher using the glove. Baseball gloves and catcher’s mitts, are as old as the game itself. Yet many improvements have been made in baseball gloves over these many years as the game itself has become both quicker and harder to play due to technological advances in the construction of both baseballs and baseball bats, and also due to the higher level of fitness, strength and size of today’s baseball players.

In order to keep up with these subtle, yet ever present, changes in the way the game is played, baseball gloves and catcher’s mitts have also needed to evolve. Some obvious changes that have come to pass over the years in the design and construction of baseball gloves for professional baseball center around the change of design between a catcher’s mitt and the gloves worn by the rest of the players.

As the game developed and became more popular and a realization of the specialty characteristics of the catcher position became more evident, the mitts for this position also adapted and changed more rapidly than for other positions. In particular, as most people know today, a catcher’s mitt is far different in shape, composition and purpose, than are the gloves of any of the other positions on the field because the catcher is usually required to field balls that are traveling at much higher velocities than are balls traveling to other positions on the field.

In particular, the subject catcher’s mitt is designed to have less padding then the catcher’s mitts known to exist in the prior art, thereby reducing the protrusions and angles that cause a baseball to irregularly bounce off of the catching surface of the mitt, and so assist the catcher to field the baseball more cleanly, more often. Further, and in association with the reduced padding improvement, the subject invention has the further improvement of a double hinge assembly at a heel portion of the mitt.

Even further, the catcher’s mitt of the subject invention uses an advanced padding element, called a stress wedge hereinafter, that helps to cushion the impact of the ball against the softest part of a person’s hand; the web portion of a person’s hand located between the index finger and thumb. Finally, the catcher’s mitt of the subject invention incorporates extra finger hammocks; above and beyond the one finger hammock found in prior art mitts and gloves.

Over the years, other catcher’s mitts have been designed to reduce the padding along certain portions of the mitt. However, these prior art mitts have failed to fully develop this construction, and have, therefore, left more padding then is required. Essentially, the ‘ patent discloses that glove 11 is oriented on the back of mitt 1, in such a way that the normal mechanical opening of a person’s hand is more directly aligned with the single hinge-line 31 of the mitt.

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A playground kid might have a slightly out of date glove. A photograph might depict a lunch break team in their work clothes. The fashions and equipment.

The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional team in However, their life was brief and the team went bankrupt within a year of its founding. In the National Association of Professional Baseball Players was formed and at its peak, consisted of thirteen teams. Unfortunately it too was plagued by financial difficulties and was abandoned in In the rival American League was founded and the era of modern professional baseball was begun.

In these early days of baseball, players were expected to take the field without benefit of protective equipment such as a baseball glove or catcher’s mask. The pain of the sport was to be endured without complaint. Any effort to mollify the rigors of the game was looked upon as a sissified attempt to demean the sport. Spalding began playing baseball in the s. Spalding was the premier pitcher of his day until the physical strain of continuous pitching took its toll and ruined his throwing arm.

He founded a sporting goods company initially specializing in baseball equipment and soon branching out to supplying equipment for all types of sports. He never lost touch with baseball and served as president of the Chicago team and one of baseball’s most successful promoters. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in its first year.

In , Spalding wrote of his experiences in early baseball and describes his first introduction to the baseball glove: “The first glove I ever saw on the hand of a ball player in a game was worn by Charles C.

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