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This is probably one of those most commonly asked questions: has Yeo Jin-goo undergone plastic surgery? So what do you guys think? Good-looking, talented, charming, and amazing. Yeo Jin-goo said he was still looking for his ideal type at that time. He hopes that his girlfriend would lift up his mood whenever they are together. In another interview, Yeo Jin-goo also said that he likes a woman who eats well.

Yeo Jin Goo Confesses He’s Never Dated Anyone Before And Wants To Get Married Early

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Park Shinhye and Choi Tae Joon have recently been spotted together!

The Hotel Del Luna actor will make February extra sweet and special for his local fans as Wilbros Live brings YEO JIN GOO

The actor who made his debut at age nine through the film Sad Movie in , gamely shared insights in his chosen profession, his last drama, next acting venture, military enlistment and love life. Yeo Jin Goo pretty much grew up in front of the camera and viewers have witnessed his evolution as an actor. From child roles to playing the younger versions of the lead roles in dramas, Yeo have done it.

In , he carried out memorable performances in dramas Iljimae and Tazza. He starred opposite Lee Beom Soo in the drama Giant. His performance in the movie received high praises. These dramas both aired in That same year, he also starred in the historical film Warriors of the Dawn directed by Jeong Yoon Chul.

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Her stage name “IU” is derived from “I and You” – to become one, you and me, with music. Iu – Someday. At an early age, IU became interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and began attending acting classes. Sign in to check out Check out as guest. IU is turning 28 in. IU works as a singer and actress in South Korea.

Jin-goo’s Girlfriend? Fact Is, Yeo Jin-goo Has Never Had a Girlfriend! To date​, he’s never been involved in any sort of scandals. That makes.

Entertainment India. Season 2 air with a new destiny and new cast, soon it will be on screen. Hotel del Luna first season with 16 episodes aired in July with more viewers in the K dramas. At the end of the chapter, it finishes with hinting a story for the next story with a different cast. Currently, there was no renewal for another series, and Hong sisters have confirmed that the first season was the conclusion of the story.

As it hit worldwide and fans are requesting for another season so we may have a possibility. If there are any updates, we will inform you. In season 2, we expect new faces to be in the show as season 1 ends with Kim Soo Hyun, so as the original owner, he will be the main character of the upcoming series and expect Yoo Jin-goo for a guest role.

Guerilla Date w/ Yeo Jin-goo (+ Interview w/ Yoo Seung-ho & Park Shin-hye)

South Korean child actor-turned-leading man Yeo Jin-goo is in no rush to get married or settle down despite confessing how he has been “single since birth” in his latest variety series foray House On Wheels. In a video interview with regional media, the year-old laughed when asked if he might consider his co-hosts Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won’s suggestion that he go on a romance reality series to find love. Yeo, best known for last year’s fantasy romance drama Hotel Del Luna, adds: “Thoughts of getting married and having kids hit me when I see people like Sung Dong-il being so happy with his beautiful family, but I have no detailed plans on how I want my future wife to be like or when I want to marry.

It’s still abstract to me. Sung, 56, a well-known veteran of South Korean entertainment, has three children, while Kim, 49, is a bachelor. Yeo says the two veteran actors were the biggest factor in his decision to appear in House On Wheels.

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Elle shares Yeo Jin-goo’s new look

I like the ghosts of father and son the best. They came from a car accident, and it left a big impression on me that they decided to forgive the driver who hit them through the dream phone call. Would you react the same way as Chan Sung if you were suddenly able to see ghosts or spirits? I actually immersed myself in the role, thinking “What if I can see ghosts? What was the hardest scene to film from Hotel Del Luna? Episode 11 is my favorite!

[+, -2] If I was told to go on a blind date with Yeo Jin Goo, I don’t think I’ll be able to go ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I think.

Yeo began his career as a child actor, debuting in the film Sad Movie Nicknamed ” Nation’s Little Brother “, [1] he went on to play the younger characters of the lead roles in movies and television dramas such as in A Frozen Flower , Giant , Moon Embracing the Sun , and Missing You Yeo was born on August 13, He is the eldest of two siblings and has a younger brother.

As a child, Yeo wanted to appear on television and therefore asked his parents to let him try acting. With the support of his parents, he took acting lessons and eventually made his debut on the big-screen with Sad Movie He graduated from Namgang High School, an all boys high school, in In , Yeo made his debut at the age of eight in the film Sad Movie. He auditioned for the role of Park Hwi-chan and was chosen among candidates despite having no previous acting experience.

In , he played the younger version of the lead roles in the series Iljimae and Tazza. In , he starred in the drama Giant as the younger counterpart to Lee Beom-soo ‘s character. In , he played the younger part of the title character in the historical drama Warrior Baek Dong-soo. He also made a brief appearance as teenage Ddol-bok in the drama Deep Rooted Tree.

The appearance was upon the request of its lead actor Jang Hyuk , who took a liking to Yeo when the latter portrayed his younger version in the drama Tazza.

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From a bright-eyed child star to the swoon-worthy leading man we know today, Yeo Jin Goo sure has come a long way. But perhaps his most buzz-worthy work to date is his role as Gu Chan Seong in the hit K-drama Hotel Del Luna , where he plays a scaredy-cat manager of the ghostly establishment alongside his 1,year-old boss, Jang Man Wol played by IU. Were there any spooky encounters during filming?

So many questions! During his recent trip to Singapore to promote the show, we took the opportunity to pick his brain on all things Hotel Del Luna — paranormal experiences, his fear of bugs and more. Oh, and we also found out which was his all-time favourite ghost make a guess!

Fashion magazine Elle shared Yeo Jin-goo’s photo shoot along with an in-depth interview, Monday. In the photos, the actor, who debuted as a.

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