How Many Episodes Of “One Tree Hill” Have You Seen?

Even seven years after One Tree Hill wrapped up its ninth and final season, the debate about which characters should have ended up together still rages on. And while all fans know that Nathan and Haley deserve to be happy forever and always, and some Lucas fans still wish that he and Brooke rode off into the sunset together, I have a more controversial stance: Peyton and Jake should have ended up together on One Tree Hill. And yet, despite all of the obstacles in their way — not to mention the various state lines that kept them apart — Jake and Peyton were worthy of true OTP status. Even Hilarie Burton, who played Peyton for six years on the show, still wishes that Jake would have been her knight in shining armor, reminiscing about the relationship on Twitter, after Greenberg posted a TBT still of Jake in jail. Enter: Peyton, who often stepped up to help out whenever Jake was struggling. Let us never forget that it was Peyton who realized that the sound of keys rattling helped calm Jenny down when she was crying. Jake is a particularly goofy dude see, for example, his mascot strip tease in the Boy Toy Auction, which is still one of the cutest things to ever appear on a CW teen drama and Peyton not only understood him but embraced his weird side. And with all of the constant Brooke and Lucas craziness that Peyton found herself in the middle of in those early seasons, Jake provided her with an escape , where she could relax, let her guard down, and just enjoy being a goofy teenager for a little while. Peyton helped Jake get out of Tree Hill to avoid a custody battle with Nicki even though she was starting to fall for him; he came back to Tree Hill when she was starting to develop a cocaine problem and helped her realize that she needed help; she stood by him when he went to prison for avoiding a court date to prevent Nicki for getting custody; he supported her after she got shot and her biological mother died and she needed to get out of town for a while.

One Tree Hill Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Nathan And Haley’s Relationship?

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Index Newest Popular Best. Sign Up: Free! Log In. Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Last updated Aug 26 Search in topic:. They were only dating for the first few episodes, and after they split up Nathan started seeing Haley to try and annoy Lucas.

How Many Episodes Of “One Tree Hill” Have You Seen?

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One Tree Hill Day S4 E14 ‘Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers’ He showed no respect for Shelly before they started dating, while they dated, after Rachel puts Brooke’s name on her quiz so that only Rachel would take the fall.

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Parties in One Tree Hill

It followed the life of two half-brothers and other American teenagers. In later seasons, many scenes were filmed in and on the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus. One Tree Hill premiered in The series premiered to 2. It was one of only three shows to rise in their second episode during the — television season.

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One Tree Hill is a soap opera style teenage drama television show created by Mark Schwahn. Originally, One Tree Hill was meant to be a feature length film titled “Ravens”. However, the creators decided that the story lines would be more compelling in a series where the characters and their relationships could be more fleshed out and well rounded. Fans are incredibly lucky this decision was made as the show premiered in and remained on the air until This 9 year time period included 9 seasons and episodes.

This show follows the lives of a group of high school students and their families as they struggle to grow up in a small town where their secrets always come out. Some of the shows main focal points are love, family, music, and basketball. One Tree Hill was on the radar for various awards, mainly the Teen Choice Awards not only over the course of their 9 year run on air, but even afterwards. One Tree Hill was nominated for the same award again in With the dedicated fan base that One Tree Hill has, there is a solid chance that the show will be nominated again next year and for many years in the future.

Season 1 is the season during which many of the main characters of the show are first getting to know each other. Lucas is surprised to see one character in particular so involved with elements of school spirit.

One Tree Hill Day 81: S4 E14 ‘Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers’

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One Tree Hill’ Stars James Lafferty And Bethany Joy Lenz Give Fans. Lenz​Who Are You QuizzesSoulmate QuizNathan ScottHigh School LoveJames Lafferty.

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